08 November, 2007

Get well soon Mr Ninjabathy!

More free stuff...
Well, free foil wrapped kit-kat bars today at "The Wharf" and more of those olbas oil tissues at "The Bridge" (but no-one put on a nose suit there), and frankly it's lucky, poor Flyingpops has been really suffering with a cold pretty much since I picked up the first lot, what it does mean is that I'm probably not going to get to actually use any of them myself, oh well, thanks to Lotus anyway... ;)

On to the main point of the post - poor Mr Ninjabathy (he occuping "brother-in-law" position, being attached to Kipperfrog) has been rushed into hospital with a collapsed lung(!), he spent much of the night before last actually sat on a bed in resuscitation with student doctors poking holes in him, so they were obviously quite concerned, but thankfully as of yesterday evening (when I popped in on the way home) he had been transferred to one of the wards...So Kipperfrog is staying in our spare room at the moment (as we live only 2 minutes walk from the hospital, conveniently)...not that you will read this in your current position, Mr Ninjabathy, but get well soon!

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