12 September, 2007

Bargain Makeover - T25 Rust treatment

Colin Emergency #1
So, as I mentioned before, we took poor old Colin the Camper to be ravaged by a pressure washer and loads of previously hidden flaws in the paintwork were revealed (and we really weren't going for the rat look ;), so while thinking perhaps it would have been better to give him a nice gentle wash with a sponge and bucket...things had to be resolved, and fairly quickly, as a result...

Thence, to Robert Dyas in Dorking to buy a tiny brush (well, we needed two for another project, so it actually cost about 99p), a wire brush (large) which was £1.99 and I already had a pot of Hammerite "Direct to Rust" white metal paint from Tesco for under a fiver...no mucking about though, time for some serious elbow grease, work it all back, as near as possible back to the bare metal (just work away with the brush, don't be afraid, every flake needs to come off to make a proper seal) -
Colin Emergency #2
- this was about all I could get off without the use of power tools, meaning it's probably good enough to keep the evil rust pixie at bay (without resorting to a complete strip down and respray), anyway, a *good* coat with the aforementioned Hammerite later -
Colin Emergency #3
- and admittedly, not the prettiest finish in the world, but if that really is a problem for you - wait until it's completely dry then gently sand it down, and finish with a second coat a day or two later (as I will be doing, if and when I can find the time)...!

None-the-less - Bargain rust treatment - Done... ;)

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