04 September, 2007

Tube Strike - London Gridlock

London Gridlock
Got stuck on the bus today on the way in (not here, just had a long wait for the lights on the Greys Inn Road), but (very annoyingly) actually within sight of my office. So I had to stand by the doors and wait until the driver could pull the 15 feet required to actually reach the bus stop...

Apparently there is a policy on London buses whereby they won't open the doors anywhere other than at designated stops (for health and safety reasons), I do think it's a bit silly though, it wasn't as if I was asking to leap from the vehicle as it careered along, we were at a total standstill, virtually at the stop, and I would have been stepping off straight onto the pavement, but the answer was "Sorry Mate" none-the-less...Still it's a hell of a lot better than the tube would have been... ;)


Flyinpops said...

Hmmm... they let me get off the 521 in Holborn when it was gridlock (without being near a bus stop).. maybe I had a nice smile : )

Anonymous said...

The driver let me off too. Didn't have a nice smile though, just armed with a very annoying buzzer (46 dings seemed to do it). If not follow it up with a mean stare, as the driver tries to figure which looney is excessively pressing the buzzer.