13 August, 2007

Colin has a re-test (fingers crossed)!

Colin's MOT (part 2) - #2
Okay, so back to Capel on Saturday, a fairly early start, to go and collect Colin from the RANS household (with everything now working - Eternal *THANKS* to Uncle Al!!) and run him down to have his last little bit of work done (engine tuning to help him stop polluting the environment, which took Keith (the chap on the right in the picture above) about 90 seconds to do (amazing!), we had a 30 second panic when one of the indicators didn't appear to be working (but then it sprang into life, dunno what that was all about, but we really didn't need anything else to suddenly go wrong!) and then it was straight into the MOT re-test (which they said shouldn't take long as they only check the things it failed on last time) -
Colin's MOT (part 2) - #3
- so he was hoisted up in the air (after the mechanic performed a passable impression of a monster truck by being a little heavy footed) -
Colin's MOT (part 2) - #1
- and rolled on the rolling road -
Colin's MOT (part 2) - #4
- and we were then left in limbo, staring at what certainly looked like a green certificate being printed out and deposited into the office, before we were finally given the good news! Passed with flying colours, phew!!
Colin has a shower - #2
Colin has a shower - #3
As a reward for being so good, Colin was taken for a quick make-over courtesy of the Soviet car-wash gang in Hookwood Tesco car park, which caused some paint to flake off on the front bumper (doh!) so during the shopping I picked up some white "straight to rust" weatherseal metal paint, and a small brush...so another "bargain makeover" coming soon, no doubt...just need a wire brush... ;)


Ys said...

Aww, yay for Colin!

Flyingpops said...

Yay for Uncle Al who made it possible... thanks :)