21 May, 2007

It was all going so well!

It sounded a bit like one of the radiators was coming up to the boil (same noise a kettle makes), but in fact (now the hot water is under the same level of pressure as the cold water) it had sprung a leak! So he's coming back to replace it...also the taps in the bathroom won't stop dripping, so I'm not sure they are quite up to taking the pressure either (however, I am told that they might well settle down after a couple of days, so I'll just keep half an eye on them for the time being)...

Anyway, little problems aside, it's all in, job done...hot water on demand, no more flicking a switch and waiting, no more timers - just boiling hot water at the twist of a tap...I had a lovely long soak to celebrate... ;)

Now if I could only find my mobile phone and my PSP, both of them seem to have gone missing in the chaos...

Update - found them both tucked safely in my camera bag...phew! ;)

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