20 May, 2007

1000th Post!

Another little landmark - and it just so happens - post **1000** on Finkblog turns out to be about plumbing (hrm)! ;)

Anyway, a brief break for an 18th birthday celebration last night (congratulations Anna!), work resumed at about 9am this morning -
New Boiler #32
- the boiler came back out for a while for the elaborate pipework to be installed -
New Boiler #43
- the hot water tank lost it's jacket -
New Boiler #45
- and got kicked out into the road -
New Boiler #57
- where someone down a few doors spotted it and promptly negotiated it's removal for scrap value (saves us a dump run) -
New Boiler #59
- the naughty old boiler came out and joined it (but no-one came begging to take it away, tellingly) -
New Boiler #60
- and then the floor started coming up...

I'm trying to ignore the other noises coming from upstairs (which are ranging all the way from creaky, saw-like, hammer-murder and clanky to chainsaw, hammer drill and Jason Donovan on the radio)...best off sticking to being "coffee bitch" and keeping out the way, I think...that combination could be dangerous! ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

Congrats on your millenium mate, should have kept the cylinder though. You'd get a fair old whack at the scrapyard for it. Having worked on the buildings, copper bits were one of our 'perks' and I bet the prices are a lot higher now. Oh well, it's off your hands at least.

Vole Strangler said...