19 May, 2007

Plumber arrived and work has commenced!

New Boiler #14
Well, after a cup of coffee anyway... ;) That's the boiler in the big cardboard box (a "one man lift" apparently, so no strained backs today) -
New Boiler #9
- equipped also with an absolute mountain of copper fixings -
New Boiler #13
- meters of copper pipe, and about 5 boxes of tools (useful for holding the doors open, if nothing else) -
New Boiler #12
- First job is to drain the system down, which he said he was expecting to "be like treacle" but turned out to be as fresh as a mountain spring (this is very good news apparently!) -
New Boiler #16
- he even tasted some, but I managed to resist the temptation -
New Boiler #17

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