19 May, 2007

New boiler update - work in progress!

Well, it's all happening here (note to self - got to be careful, just noticed I'm on post 999, next post must say something about this landmark!) -
New Boiler #18
- anyway, the big toys came out (diamond blades!), time to make a hole through the wall of the outside cupboard -
New Boiler #21
- about 3 minutes of drilling later the guide poked through -
New Boiler #22
- and then the blade started to appear (with lots of smoke and dust) -
New Boiler #23
- and almost before I could focus on it (well, okay, before I could focus on it), out it popped -
New Boiler #24
- "Bit of PVA on there mate and you got a pretty unique door stop" (think I might do that!) -
New Boiler #26
- Anyway, here is the hole -
New Boiler #27
- and poor Santa and Snowman (who got a bit of brick dust, but should be used to "light dustings" of things, if you ask me) -
New Boiler #28
- and then, even as I was flickr'ing the last bunch of pictures, I got a call, it was in already! -
New Boiler #29
- the inside looks like a bloody motorbike engine -
New Boiler #30
- believe it or not there is a spark plug on the injection system (yes, injection system!) which super heats 80 meters of micro-size aluminium tube (which loops the round bit at the top), then the bit at the bottom is a massive heat exchanger (*exactly* the same technology used as a heat sink on a PC processor, but reversed to work as a heat dump)!

Amazing stuff! Learning a lot here... :)


Darfuria said...

Man, that's crazy. A heat dump. Hrm... Wonder if you could exchange the heat from the heatsync to another, and then use that to dump the heat into some sort of larger thermal conductor, and thus have your PC heat your room. I guess if you had the graphics card heatsync (if you have one) transfering heat to the heatdump, it could prove to be slightly useful.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well yeah! We have all this kit sitting around the house that desperately needs cooling, and a house that needs warming up...does kind of seem like someone needs to make a fusion-sort of affair where we yin/yan the various needs...get on it and make a million! ;)

Darfuria said...

I now long to see a GeForce powered oven. "My pizza was cooked with 768MB of DDR3 memory at 39.2 billion textures per second"