12 September, 2006

Caledonian Road Lorry Crash - aftermath

Brought the proper camera into work today to check out the aftermath of the lorry crash that happened on Friday, and it was actually suprisingly little -
Caledonian Road Lorry Crash #1
- I mean, the railing is a mess, a couple of panes of glass are missing -
Caledonian Road Lorry Crash #2
- and the sign has taken a bit of a blow -
Caledonian Road Lorry Crash #3
- but frankly, I think even if you were sat enjoying your breakfast right in the window you might well have got away without a scratch!

I *think* the cafe might have been saved by the hole in the ground, perhaps when the front wheels fell down there it grounded the lorry just in the nick of time...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was a "turf war" between a rival cafe / or a disgruntled customer !

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Nice blog... ;)

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Oh and all of 6 profile views...a highly influential individual...looks like you picked the right name... ;)