30 September, 2006

Brighton Breeze 2006

So, just a few pics from today, set off super early this morning (accompanied by T&G) to witness the "Brighton Breeze" or what is effectively the VW version of the "London to Brighton" rally...We passed a few on the way -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #1
- but the vast majority of the convoy were *way* behind us, managed to park right on the seafront, opposite a few cheeky non-payers who had probably done the same -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #2
- and when we peered down to the venue, we had practically beaten the organisers -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #3
- *e m p t y* but then, for the air-cooled lot, it's not a race, even though some of them can beat modern performance production cars down the 1/4 mile (with ease), the attitude is more one of rest and relaxation -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #4
- so we walked down the front anyway, to find a bite to eat for breakfast passing one or two vehicles that could well have stayed the night -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #7
- and witnessed the forced removal of anything that wasn't a Volkswagen from the front (hehe!)-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #8
- so just a few of the early risers (I had set myself a little "Macro Mission" for this day, I've shot a lot of these buses before, so I was looking for some other way to approach the day, hope you approve ;) We'll get there in a sec, first, a great, and brave paint job which works really well-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #9
-then a quirky T25 Herbie hybrid-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #10
-and I love the bullet holes on de "Reservior Dubs" bus, not seen that in the scene before today, original (at least!)-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #11
-So, we stopped at the "Madeira cafe" for breakfast, it's towards the "Sealife Centre" end of the strip-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #13
- T&G kindly paid for the feast, and (had Flyingpops not been breakfast nosing, I would never had noticed, but the staff brought my plate out minus one sausage and one bacon strip(!)-Brighton Breeze 2006 #14
-compared to the others (that were eating meat brekkies) when I went to compain they were terribly nice though and brought it back to the table (with bonus double beans!), so, we sat and ate, and drank tea, and inhaled the exhaust fume as the quick ones started to chug onto the strip (interesting eyes!) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #15
- and, even before breakfast was done, the queue had really started to form -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #16
- so, the Macro mission began -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #19
- I took a lot of shots that weren't too (and they are all on the Flickr Steam), but it was the little touches, and the left of centre -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #20
- and *mostly* close shots I was after today -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #21
- a beautifully painted bug -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #22
- an embroidered bra portion -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #26
- (sorry, took about 90 pics today) the feel of being around the stalls, hey, every old bus needs some rubbers-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #28
- some very funny t-shirts -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #30
- and an absolutely classic photoshopper, I bought this piece, but he has other copies at various different sizes (on canvas etc.) being a London commuter this just struck a chord, find him here (awesome!)-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #31
- an abstract macro (VW people will know what these are) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #41
- and, okay, not a macro, but *where* did all this tupperware come from...this stallholder must trawl the car boot sales... ;) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #45
- a "Big Trak"(!!!)...while I was framing the shot a guy behind me muttered "I remember them being a bit bigger than that", when I stood up (grinning) I said "Yeah, I know" (and motioned about the width of a door frame)..we parted grinning and shaking our heads... -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #46
- Now, where did I spot this muddy little fellow? ;) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #50
- Not macro, a context shot (need a few!)-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #54
-Hehe...very cool...-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #57
-and thanks to whoever set this shot up for me ;)-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #59
-Now, I wonder if a certain little cat was responsible for the mud in our "metallic pea" camper's eye -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #61
-classic litho-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #63
-couldn't resist this one-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #65
-and this shot just begged to be taken-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #67
-(zoom in to read, the occupants of the camper gave me a laugh and a wave when I finally managed to get my focus locked in! Felt like it took about 10 minutes!) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #68
- lovely reflection opportunity with all this perfect chrome -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #69
- hilarious(!) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #74
- (hehe..) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #81
- (very cool) -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #84
- By the time it came to leave the entire promenade was *full*, the queues were stretching the whole way up to the marina and we passed about 30 vans and bugs as we whipped up the road to Gatwick (on our way home!), I really think this event has outgrown Brighton, too much interest, far too much...-
Brighton Breeze 2006 #89
- Oh and then we got home and it rained(!) lucky we missed it! -
Brighton Breeze 2006 #90
In the breaks, during the late afternoon (lucky again!) we tidied up the front garden (my folks came round to help us out, bearing bedding plants and bulbs...yay!) and I paid them back by cooking up Thai for tea...

Chinese Grand Prix tomorrow...it's got to be a goodie! Tired now...might have to edit this entry in the morning... ;) Nite nite...

Oh, as I said, if you want to see all the other pictures from the Brighton Breeze 2006, just go here...


keewee said...

Great pictures. You took me back about a bazillion years. My first car was a beautiful red VW Bug.

- Mr X - said...

Chinese Grand Prix was a cracker - here's hoping Alonso can pull something out the bag for the final 2 races and leave Schumacher without his perfect retirement :-)

Mr Fink - check out http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=thew00d for some videos of our little J - now 20 months - videos of note are "J dances to Sex Pistols" and "J puts on a DVD... and closes it with his belly" We like that one anyway!

Tom Hopwood said...

Great pics mate, shame there was none of the nudist beach lol

bigblue said...

Yeah great pictures - they give a good feel for the event.

gincoleaves said...

Three cheers to the good old VW!
The orange "Volksie" in the first picture brings back memories ! We had a Creme coloured one - years ago. They just keep going and going and .......!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Loved the GP Mr X, best possible result for the sport! Just hope the last two aren't muckedmucked up by an engine failure or something...! Alonso was pushing too hard at the end, imho... :(
I'll check out the vid! ;)

Well, considering there had been a tornado/water spout about 2 hours earlier I think the nudists would have all been swept out to sea anyway Tommo... ;)

Thanks Keewee (great first car!) and BB... ;)

Ginco - they cost quite a bit to keep going...Flyingpops ended up selling hers (a metallic blue 1303S)...we'll get a camper at some stage though... ;)

Helen Evans said...

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