26 September, 2006

"The Tree Inn" Stratton, Cornwall - Review

Right, sorry, back now (and this is the last time) to the holiday, and my final food review (thereof)...

This is a "second visit" review, having already had one wonderful visit spellbound by the food, but appalled by the service (extremely inattentive waitresses) who rarely managed to actually bring what we ordered...so, our last night, having failed to score a table at "The Countryman", we fished for another of the classics of the area and came back to -
The Tree Inn
- "The Tree Inn" (very ancient, very lovely, and) of the (seriously underrated) historic Cornish town of Stratton -
Cornwall 2006 #73
- (despite the charming notes the local residents leave around the place, zoom in at your peril) -
Cornwall 2006 #74
- The food here is excellent, if second to the Countryman (but you can put that down to sour grapes if you like..)...it's really jolly nice, and they can cook very decent steak...(and they own the Countryman for veg, loads better!)...

Most importantly, fancy a bit of history with your dinner? You absolutely can't go wrong, it's an amazing place, you feel like you are eating in a banqueting hall or wandering around a museum! :)

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