25 July, 2006

Bug Jam 20 - 2006 - Pics and video

Okay, so headed off at about half six (AM), went and picked up our back seat runners, then dived around the M25 and up the M1, took our little short cut cross country and pulled onto the site just after 0900hrs (was funny not to have a base camp) turns out they had had just a touch of rain on the Saturday -
Bug Jam 20 #6
- although it was largely quite dry, lots of new tarmac -
Bug Jam 20 #1
- some dubious cars for sale (imagine the "before and after" shots though!) -
Bug Jam 20 #4
- and some interesting custom modifications (didn't see him run the strip, but I'm sure it was quick ;) -
Bug Jam 20 #7
- saw some classy burn outs -
Bug Jam 20 #8
- and some really mad and smelly (+probably extremely dangerous to the lung) ones -
Bug Jam 20 #9
- witness as the young ladies become impressed at the engine size -
Bug Jam 20 #10
- decide this might not smell too great on the bikini -
Bug Jam 20 #11
- and then start to choke (it was after this I had to leg it, the stink was like burning cod liver oil) YUK! Now just a few of the sights from the shops/show and shine/pits -
Bug Jam 20 #15
Bug Jam 20 #16
Bug Jam 20 #18
Bug Jam 20 #24
Bug Jam 20 #27
Bug Jam 20 #28
Bug Jam 20 #29
Bug Jam 20 #38
- then on to the Jet Funny Cars -
Bug Jam 20 #17
- snuck into a forbidden area to take some snaps -
Bug Jam 20 #41
Bug Jam 20 #42
- then ran to grab some video from the top of the hill - this one is the Fireforce team -
Bug Jam 20 #32
- and this one is the Jet Beetle, then after some nice free beer -
Bug Jam 20 #37
- we walked back to the car through the devastation left behind by the throng -
Bug Jam 20 #45
- plenty more pics on the flickr stream, if you like this sort of thing, of course... ;)


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