27 October, 2005

Service Industry Bloggers

Just taking my lunch break, working from home today but not going to say why...(Flyingpops!!)...anyway, Nate made a post the other day regarding this guy (among others)...it prompted me to leave a comment on his blog, but I thought the memory merited a repeat posting here...

Try as I might, I’m finding it difficult to get into his writing (not Nate's, but the Waiter blogger)…the typical entry length is just perhaps a little long for my taste (as I tend to blip in and out of reading) which doesn't help (even though I can be guilty of the odd long post or two), but I think the key issue, perhaps, is that I’m finding it difficult to relate to his world...I've only worked in one proper resturant (Redhill chip shop aside) and that was “La Barbe”, a French place in Reigate (Surrey), doing their washing up, so not even public facing…

I was still at school, yet they fed me wine, beer and extremely smelly cheese, called me “Fronk”, spoke virtually zero English, got me to wash up garlic snail dishes (which smell yummy btw) and clean range equipment with strong acid (with holes in my rubber gloves. which hurt btw), kept me working until 2am on some nights and forced me to spend my working hours in the same kitchen space as the desert chef, who was French (obviously) but was totally obsessed with George Formby…”when eem clean ze window, Fronk, zis is the ‘ight of Inglish culture”…the single "Formby" CD he owned was on repeat all night long…every night...(AK!)

Anyway, make your own mind up...he certainly has a good style...perhaps I'm just being too picky... ;)

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