20 October, 2005

Google Reader

Looks like Google have taken another step towards "Total World Domination(tm)" with the release of a public Beta of a browser-based feed reader - Google Reader (no less)...

It's easy to get started too, you can import your OPML file from Sharpreader (or whatever feed reader you currently use) and get up to speed right away!

I'm only minutes in and still struggling a bit with the interface (but I don't think I'm not going to ditch Sharpreader in the office anytime soon), but integration of "Gmail this" and "Blog this" options on each story are really obvious juicy benefits already, as well ask being able to carry my feeds around with me painlessly! Nice...! ;)

Wonder if there is a toolbar app like for gmail? That would be really good...I'll have a poke around... ;)

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