28 October, 2005

Oh the irony...

...took the day off today to have a good chance to catch up with my movies and zoom through a bit of Quake 4, got up at the usual early hour with Flyingpops and kindly drove her to the station to pick up her train, drove the car home in really high spirits and sat down to play Quake - then, inexplicably, a big blank - woke up about 3 hours later on the sofa feeling totally sick and suffering with the worst headache I think I have ever had, managed to drag myself upstairs to be sick, violently, into the toilet, sweating profusely...threw my clothes off and ran a bath and sat in it for ages, even though it got cold, the world spinning...was woken up by a phone call from Flyingpops (again) asking me for the name of a movie we recently watched (which had been "bothering her") forcing me out of the water...

Frankly, there isn't a chance that I could have worked today, feeling so good first thing this morning, the total transformation was actually quite staggeringly frightening....what if I had been sat at my desk when the illness hit? What about the train? Knowing Londoners I would probably have woken up in bloody Bedford...

And "work" probably would have called an ambulance had I collapsed thusly at my workstation...it's a bit scary! Really, this kind of thing has never happened to me before...either it comes on fairly slowly, giving some warning, or I'm okay...

And how funny for it to pass so quickly..? It sounds like bullshit...I'm feeling fine again now, I'm wondering if it wasn't something I ate maybe? Still, deeply, deeply unpleasant....Jinx came over in the afternoon and I sort-of moaned, sort-of tried to eat (only because I really thought I should), drank a load of water and (quietly and haltingly) discussed -

  • The Nintendo Revolution controller
  • How sick I was feeling
  • How much I want a PSP
  • How sick I was feeling
  • Comedy greats
  • How sick I was feeling
  • What I should be watching on TV to make me feel better
  • How sick I was feeling
  • Disguising the fact that I had been too ill to put out the bloody washing until about 4pm from Flyingpops (and mechanisms to achive this)
  • The fact that trying to watch "The Woodsman" was a bad idea when you are feeling ill anyway
  • How sick I was feeling
  • Should I cancel my folks coming over for a takeaway and a movie tonight?
  • Frozen chocolate pudding, old saucepans of vegetable soup and caloree counting diets
  • How sick I was feeling (after all that...)
  • Bus times

Odd though, but give it an hour or two and I was feeling loads better...even enjoying some Chinese food and a drink with the family...it's just so strange! Never had a bug like it...

However, I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow before I count *anything*....

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