18 October, 2005

Here are just a few...

...of the more suprising search terms (that people have entered into Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape etc) that have resulted in someone visiting my page (found by checking the "referring pages" list on my web stats package) -

(suffice it to say, they will have been rather dissapointed! Especially the last visitor... ;)

As a result, I think I might pay for the service that lists them all (Site Meter *does* keep a record, but because I only have the free account I can't see them)...judging by these few it might be quite amusing! ;) There were also loads and loads of referrals from Google Image search (lots more than the regular search results) but the actual search term doesn't seem to be anywhere in the URL, so I can't tell what they were looking for, unfortunately...

To give the search engines back *some* dignity they did actually manage to send a *few* relevant visitors for search terms (if you are a regular reader then you might recongnise the postings they will have hit... ;) -

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