19 July, 2010

Cheap Baby Proof Living Room

Well, I'm back (briefly) after my little "break" spent looking after Toddler Thomas, hobbling around with painful knees, which was...interesting...did have a lovely time though... ;)

Friday morning we had to send him out for a little walk with our local friendly baby-sitter (thank you Louise!) as the real chaos of the weekend began with the whole under stairs cupboard having to be ripped out so a new mains supply could be routed under the floor (thanks Kenny!) which took a good few hours as everywhere he tried to drill, our largely plasterboard walls seemed to contain giant blocks of impenetrable wood...

Anyway, that done I put everything back into the cupboard (limping and pouting) and then headed over for a lovely lunch and tea with my folks and Flyingpops who joined us for the later meal at Harvester (thanks Folks!)...Friday night I barely sleep (coming down with a nasty cold), then Saturday arrives with me wishing I could just stay in bed and try to get better, but have no choice but to get up and soldier on as today is the day we start (hopefully) the Final Solution for the living room problem (everything else had either basically failed to be Thomas-proof or was waaaay too expensive - thanks for nothing Ikea!)...after driving around for 3 hours with Flyingpops' dad (thanks Tom!) negotiating the very best price for the very best quality stuff around all the trade stores, we arrive back at our house where I try and dismantle the entire living room without loosing any of the cables (much harder than it sounds)-
New Living Room Units
- while Flyingpops is having her hair coloured in the kitchen (thanks Charlie!) and Thomas is being herded away from falling off things and grabbing power tools by Flyingpops mum (thanks Janet!), Tom and I install the cabinet carcasses we have bought (*extremely* cheaply - thanks Magnet! We have a 70kg TV, but the guy in the store said once we got them all together I would be able to "******* dance on it if you want to mate")...
New Living Room Units
So we got all the units in, and level, then started putting in all the various cables we would need (everything will be hidden behind the back board, so even the cupboards interiors will be extremely neat and tidy)-
New Living Room Units - Wiring
- surround sound cables all laid in neatly and clipped together -
New Living Room Units - Xbox 360 cable
- Xbox 360 video and sound cable -
New Living Room Units - VGA cable
-VGA (for PC/Laptop etc.)-
New Living Room Units - top on
-and then we struggled around the garden for ten minutes trying to get the (extremely heavy) three meter beechwood top in the house the correct way round to make the work top...but it was already looking awesome - more later!! ;)

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