20 July, 2010

Cable Testing Complete...!

Work in Progress
Okay, just a quick "work in progress" update (if you click the picture I've put some little notes of explaination on it on Flickr - just hover the picture with your mouse to see them) but basically - everything works - yay!

The power supply on the top is a temporary measure (obviously), so all those messy looking cables are going to vanish, the laptop will live in the cupboard below, but that proves the VGA and network cables are all laid in okay, the router and cable modem will also disappear below into the cupboard, but that's all good (which means I wired the coax okay - as we have cable TV and internets) and the xbox tested okay and works through the surround sound - a 100% success rate - thank goodness...!

Tonight the cupboard doors should be going on - meaning we can throw away the old TV stand and move the Jungle Jumparoo back to it's normal place of residence, and as soon as we can sort out the parts for Kenny we should have neat and tidy power cables (all pretty much hidden from view) too!

So it might look a bit of a mess currently (mostly through having to temporarily Thomas-proof sensitive items at grab-level), but hopefully I'll be showing you the finished product very soon! ;)

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Sarah said...

Genius idea - well done you all!