08 November, 2008

Wedding photograph update

Pile of Pictures
After absolutely *months* and many failed attempts to go through all the wedding photos and choose the tiny amount we are allowed to have printed for free as part of the package, this is our latest attempt at a solution...Flyingpops (with some incredible negotiation) managed to get every single picture printed out for around £70 (or about half the best price they offer!)...and I bet the guy in Jessops was cursing our name by the time he had finished, the photos were extremely high resolution (just around 8gb in total), it managed to completely crash their system the first time they tried and Flyingpops had to go back in with all the images files the next day so they could have another go, in the end they had to chop them up into batches (meaning they all came out in a funny order) and when she went to collect them (three days later) they came in two (jam packed) carrier bags...thus far it's taken two hour-long sittings, one for Flyingpops to sort them roughly into the right order and one to make a start on putting them into the two albums we have - as of yesterday night she has got as far as having her hair done on the morning of the wedding day...this is an epic mission...!


Ys said...

I love that you crashed their system! Was it fun going over the day again through the photographs?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

It's going to take a *looong* time to relive the entire day at this rate, I think we have 8 albums to fill up! ;)

But yes, it is really good to go back through the day!