15 November, 2008

My New Baby...

Since getting married, the question on everyone’s lips is “When will you have a baby flyingpops?” ...If I drink lemonade on a night out, everyone assumes I’m pregnant, and God forbid, I feel a little unwell...Do people not realise that I’m so happy and content having a fantastic husband, amazing house and incredible career that in my contented state, I might just be putting on a little weight? ;)

So, with a big birthday approaching in January and in the middle of a credit crunch... I have gone against my normal, sensible, practical self and have bought a beetle....Much cheaper than a baby, a lot less work and you don’t have to give wait 9 months for it!

I’ve been trawling autotrader for 3 weeks, checking insurance groups, petrol consumption and generally researching what you get for your money... and then last Saturday my hunt was successful... blue Beetle, slightly outside budget, but in Brighton, 1600 engine and from a Porsche garage... Upon seeing the ad, my heart began to race and I knew – this was the car for me! My Golf came from a Porsche garage in Chichester, my last Bug was a blue 1600 and I got the feeling which told me, everything was right and I should check out the car.

We bombed down the A23 – and within no time at all, I was test driving it! Fink was in the back, the salesman beside me and words cannot describe how I felt behind the wheel...I tried to remain cool, calm and collective, but I knew I wanted the car! I drove past another bug and waved at the driver. When she waved back, I could barely contain my excitement. People who drive a beetle know, it’s not just a car to get you from A to B, but a real love affair and way of life! We sat through the sales talk, got a P/E offer for the Golf and then ‘Net went into work mode’ not committing to anything (which totally shocked Fink, who was prepared to pay the asking price and couldn’t believe I had walked out and not left a deposit!)...

We raced back to Oxted for a very late lunch with the family (sorry Alan/Krysia) and 20 minutes into the journey, I got a call from the garage offering more money for the Golf...this negotiation was going to be one I would enjoy...they wanted our business...and would have to wait for it!

We finished our family day, went to Brockham and then I went to bed, thumping headache (excitement, anxiety, running around) .. Woke up on Sunday morning still feeling rough, so took tablets and went back to bed.. when I got up at 12.00 I had 2 voicemails from the garage! So, again going into work mode, I constructed my case, put forward my arguments and entered into a 4 hour negotiation! Needless to say, it was hard. The saleman has probably been on the same courses I have and after lots of offers / haggling (including free servicing and MOT next year and a fresh flower when I collect it) – I got a deal! Fairly standard text book negotiation, but it takes nerve and patience and I really enjoyed it! When we finally got to a win/win state – I paid the deposit ... then bounced around the house with Fink celebrating...before sorting out the insurance and then ordering a flower for the bud vase!

I’ve spent the last week trying to find a name and all my friends on facebook have put forward some excellent suggestions.. But I think we’ve chosen one! When we get the car home later, there will be a small christening involving champagne and she will be named... watch this space for pictures, names and thank you Yam, for being a fantastically reliable Golf.

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