13 November, 2008

20,000 picture landmark - 102_FUJI

Fuji Finepix S9600 (taken with my Nokia N73)
Not sure how many people manage to hit this particular milestone, but my camera (on Saturday) had to create it's *third* storage folder - 102_FUJI (I use continuous numbering rather than risk having any with the same name and accidentally overwriting anything), which basically means I've taken over 20,000 pictures since I bought it back in May last year! That's about 1111 per month, or roughly 37 pictures a day...in reality of course it's all in fits and starts, some days I don't even pick the camera up, and others it's never out of my hands...That is still a pretty crazy number though, even by my standards! ;)

Say cheese... ;)


Anonymous said...

It has been to 3 weddings that I know of and mexico. plus all the other places you've travelled. perhaps you should put your name forward to WHICH mag, you never know they may want you to test some camera's, by the sounds of things you may be needing a new one next year....

Anonymous said...