03 February, 2008

A *three* "WTF?" weekend...

Jail bars...
Woke up to glorious sunshine on Saturday morning, had a quick haircut, did something extremely secret for the wedding (which took about an hour) then whizzed over to Gatwick, stopping when we spotted this incredible VW Beetle Trike to go and shake hands with the owner-
Awesome VW Trike
Awesome VW Trike
Awesome VW Trike
- into Hobbycraft, where I had not one but TWO "*WTF*?" moments -
- the first when I saw this £9.99 Batik Tjanting, turns out it's something to do with putting wax onto fabric, and the second when I saw this -
Fun with Hemp
- which I think I can safely leave without comment, from there we went on to do the Tesco shopping in Hookwood -
Tesco Hookwood
- spotting a couple of funny(-ish) T-Shirts, then being asked nicely by security what I was doing waving around my camera (I told them I was Press) -
My way or My way
Are those real?
- nipped over to Capel to pick up the car (door lock had frozen on the drivers side so it needed car-hospital) back to watch the boxing (Amir Khan), woke up this morning with a nasty sore throat (and a grumpy Flyingpops who I had kept awake snoring), zoomed over to Tandridge to hear the bans of marriage being read out, passing this little bit of sweet irony, a Horse carrier being slowed to a crawl by horses, heh... -
Sweet Irony
- popped over to see my folks, and noticed that Dad had a large number of "dog" themed "Get Well Soon" cards, he is going a bit stir-crazy now, feeling better but duty bound to sit still and having now read the entire internet twice (promised him some more fresh links tomorrow) -
Get well soonDSCF0573
- went and did some more secret wedding stuff, then popped into Priory Farm just in time for another "WTF?" moment -
Onion Goggles
- Yes, Onion goggles (for goodness sake)...and I just know someone will buy these (and stand there in the kitchen looking like an idiot, even at £16.00)... ;)

Just cooking dinner now...*firmly* sans goggles...


mum said...

Onion Goggles! Consider them added to my birthday list! Anything for fennel?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

The dustbin? ;)

Mattie said...

That trike..... Used to be my car! :)