11 February, 2008

Super Foggy day at Canary Wharf

Foggy Day at Canary Wharf #1
Wow, quite a contrast to the normal view out the window today, odd, it didn't actually look that bad from the ground...everyone is just telling me to wait for a thunderstorm across London (apparently that is just *incredible*)...can't wait! Still this is quite spooky, unless you look right up into the sky -
Foggy Day at Canary Wharf #2
Foggy Day at Canary Wharf #3
...it just looks like we are floating in the clouds...and funnily enough, more freebies today - some travel-sized deordorant - will hang on to them for the honeymoon... ;)
Freebie mini deordorant sprays


Flyingpops said...

Think you may need a little more deoderant than that in Mexico - its very hot and we are there for 2 weeks :)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...maybe for the flight then... ;)

Mum said...

How romantic you two are!