19 February, 2008

Fink's Stag Do - Lal Akash Reigate

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Mmmm, free mineral water today, thanks Dot2Dot (they do cheap mini-bus trips between the Wharf and Heathrow)... ;)

Anyway, Stag Do (yes, it's not long to the wedding now)! We are going to try out the new curry place in Reigate called "Lal Akash", it looks absolutely amazing, the menu has a *load* of things I've never heard of, so it's bound to be a bit of an experience (if I can resist the lure of Chicken Tikka Dansak), for my starter I'm contemplating the "Chingri Roshan" which is described as "Tender cold water prawns pan fried with fresh garlic and coriander" (mmmm!), or perhaps "Lamb Momo", "Tender lamb marinated in a secret sauce, gently cooked in the tandoor and then pan fried with aromatic herbs and spices", main course how about the "Nawabi Masalla" - "Chicken roasted with onions peppers and fresh oranges, cooked in a puree of carrots and fresh mint stir fried in an unforgettable sauce" (wow!)...you are almost on the last page of the menu before anything familiar (like vindaloo) turns up! Other interesting things on the menu "Bullet Nan", which is "stuffed with fresh green chillies", or how about "Special Nan" which is "stuffed with paneer, capsicum and chicken tikka" (sounds like a meal in itself)! If you are feeling *really* adventurous, check out the "Mutter Paneer" - "Peas with home made cheese"...! Can't wait!

Anyway, really looking forward to it, I have a table for ten booked for Saturday night, fifteen people have been invited, eight confirmed so far, hopefully everyone can come...we'll do a few beers before, and then xbox/movies afterwards, should be a good craic...! ;)


Ys said...

that sounds like a very refined night out. xbox is the best!

plus the food descriptions made me very hungry yum

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Can't wait! Although I think I'll skip the cheesy peas... ;)