05 February, 2008

Thames Clipper Commute review - pics and video

What could have been an absolute disaster this morning (Jubilee line suspended due to power failure) turned into an amazing experience...I groaned when I got down the escalator at London Bridge and all the gates were shut, whole place rammed (I mean, even the trains had been full when we got on at Earlswood, but luckily two people got off at Redhill and we dived into their seats), but when I got about a third of the way across London Bridge (thinking DLR, but dreading the crush) and just happened to peer to my right and spot the pier..BAM! I stopped dead in my tracks and reversed course (against the almost unstoppable flow of other commuters) until I was able to find a way down to the bank of the Thames...
Thames Clipper #1
...Amazingly only a tiny handful of other people had twigged and were checking prices, which *appeared* to be £4 for a single -
Thames Clipper #2
- but to save the agro that was definitely worth it so I walked down and joined the small queue of people-
Thames Clipper #5
- and luckily enough the next boat was "due" now -
Thames Clipper #4
- it was only about two minutes late (but I don't expect perfect timekeeping when rivers are involved)...
Thames Clipper #6
We were then *counted* on to *ensure* that every single passenger gets a seat (how civilized?)-
Thames Clipper #7
Thames Clipper #30
- and I began to explore, quickly finding the open-air seats at the back of the boat -
Thames Clipper #8
Thames Clipper #24
- waved goodbye to the swarm of ants on London Bridge -
Thames Clipper #9
- and then we were off -
Thames Clipper #10
- past the HMS Belfast -
Thames Clipper #11
- under Tower Bridge -
Thames Clipper #17
Thames Clipper #16
- and then things really got up to speed (had to hang on tight!) tiny bit of video here showing how quickly we were travelling -
Thames Clipper #19
- and in no time the Wharf was in sight -
Thames Clipper #22
Thames Clipper #23
- it took a minute or two to dock (because the pier was full so there was nowhere to moor) and then everyone queued to get off (and pay if the lady with the ticket machine had missed them, as she had done in my case, but it was only £2.60!) past the coffee bar (don't get them on the tube!) -
Thames Clipper #29
- and then through the gardens and plaza(s) towards One Canada Square -
Thames Clipper #34
Thames Clipper #36
- (and I must say it looks incredible walking up the avenue towards the building from this direction, like New York on Thames, honestly) -
Thames Clipper #37
- more pictures here if you like this kind of thing...


katys_clutter said...

Hi, I found your pics on flickr and thought I'd have a read of your blog. I just love your alternative commute to work, how very civilized!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks Katy! :)