23 August, 2006

Learning to cope(?) - update

So, went back to the hospital on Monday (sorry, it's taken a while to type all this), my appointment was at 1045hrs, so I arrived fifteen minutes early to check in (in good time). At a rough guess, when I finally managed to get me and my bag through the door, there were about 70 people (not joking) in front of me waiting to be seen...considering this, I was amazed by only having to wait until quarter past twelve to be told I needed another x-ray, wait until 1305 to have that done and 1350 to actually see the doctor...looks like fresh intakes get the priority, but if so, why issue appointment times at all?? What a waste of time...anyway, the doctor said that the bone was knitting well and then dropped the bombshell...no right arm for 3 more weeks, I have to keep the stupid f**king sling on...I also asked him about the fact that (it only having been one week) my other fingers (the ones that aren't bound together) are starting to visibly atrophy and turn worryingly grey (can barely flex them now)...but he said we'll "worry about that when the bone is healed" :(

Anyway, hospital horror aside, how am I getting on?

Worst thing? Painkillers running out at between 3am and 5am and my recurring dream of being flung around on public transport...the blinding pain when my unconscious mind makes me clench my right hand trying to grab an imaginary hand rail wakes me up with a start every time...ouch... :(

One of the best things so far? Sticky Keys! If you use Windows you can try it yourself, it's part of the built-in accessability functionality - hit the left shift key five times in a row (do it fast), then hit "ok" at the dialogue. Now, in order (one at a time) hit "Ctrl", then "Alt" and finally "Delete" - it's magic (shame it's a bit noisy!), but at least that's the end of me asking colleagues to help me lock/unlock my workstation (hit shift five times slowly to turn it off again btw)! Can't aim my mouse very well still though, and typing remains problematic (doesn't take long before my hand gets cramp), been playing with Dasher in an effort to solve this, but with weak mouse skills it's awkward, a little hypnotic (to say the least) and at my speeds, seems to have slowed me down to about four words a minute (as opposed to my normal 8000)...Certainty gives you plenty of time to think about what you want to say though ("Ent Meet" springs to mind)....still, when the cramp starts in my left hand I am left with little option... :(

Writing (pen-fashion) remains impossible, as are shoe laces...if I'm eating meat then someone has to cut it up for me (on Sunday Mr S chopped up baby Alexander's supper and then chopped up mine)...I'm learning to read books left handed (without dropping them and loosing my place *too* often), and the toilet is getting easier (thank God)...shooting with the tripod is easy but setting it up is hard, maybe a few pics soon though... ;)

Holiday starts tomorrow, the plan to go camping in the tent has been abandoned but a little bit of negotiation has netted us a "For Sale" caravan to rent for the duration, we've booked it for four nights with an option to extend (assuming it's not too difficult to cope, if it's tough we'll just come home and do a foreign holiday later in the year)...

So, swings and roundabouts, really looking forward to the rest...just hope it's possible...cross your fingers for me! ;)


Anonymous said...

Why not get a prosthetic limb?

Anonymous said...

If it was your leg you could get an eye patch and crutch drink rum and shout arr me hearties on your way to work might even be able to do some extra work for Pirates of the Carribean three

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

What, and have three useless arms?
Well, there's always a silver lining...I guess... ;)

Daniel said...

Have a nice break :)

Mum said...

Have a good rest and visit some more restaurants to evaluate, some poor souls are in for a surprise !

Darfuria said...

Shame to hear about your broken finger. I hope it heals rapidly and fully. I haven't really been blogging much, hence the lack of updates and comments.

Sticky keys rock, and the toggle sound windows makes is awesome for sampling!