05 August, 2006

Gatwick Tesco - Renovation complete

Tesco Gatwick #1
Looks like the renovation is complete (the two girls cheekily put on "model" style poses when they thought I wasn't looking...didn't catch it though as the flash was charging...bah ;)

Anyway, those are the new travelators to the much expanded second floor, does mean the trolleys now don't have foot breaks for the slopey car-park though, because they have new travelator friendly wheels...
Tesco Gatwick #2
Here is a clearer view, down the main aisle...it used to be just big enough for the resturant...other additions are an "Ethnic" food aisle which is simply wonderful, I got lost there for about 20 minutes nosing through unfamiliar packaging and came away with some dried, unprocessesed tamarind (got to have a go!!) which cost 29p... ;) Now to dig out some old Douglas Chew recipies...oh and the beer and wine section is massively expanded, there is a whole aisle of speciality beers...thought I could work my way along the row over the weeks and share my thoughts...I picked one up, starting at the end of the row, so more on that later ;)

In other news, Flyingpops and I are going to a wedding reception in a castle tonight, so pics from that tomorrow probably (if I see anything cool) as we are staying in a nearby hotel overnight...


Matt Peskett said...

We went to the new Gatwick Tesco on Saturday, they've completely removed the 'Organic' aisle and integrated all products into the rest of the store - extremely inconvenient and means you now have to hunt around the whole store.

Managed to pick up some new Star Wars toys though and discovered a new Star Wars Transformer!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Didn't even look at the toys...food too important.. ;)