09 August, 2006

Kings Place, York Way - Building continues

Kings Place #1
It seems almost as if over last weekend Kings Place has crept up so it's now visible through the glass ceiling in our offices (so not been put too far behind by the fire, I guess)...
Kings Place #2
...so I thought I had better post some updated pics (went out for a little photoshoot during my lunch break)...this is the view from York Way...
Kings Place #3
...and this is down Crinan Street...interestingly the office gossip network tells me the garage (just to the left on this shot, the one which used to have this mural on it) and the American Car Wash (with spooky animated maniquin outside) have been asked to quit by their landlords, so even more change for the area ahead perhaps...?
US Car wash, Kings Cross

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