03 August, 2006

Devon Holiday - Day 3 (Dartmoor, Devonshire Cream Tea and Dartmeet)

So, on to day 3 - we cook up a nice breakfast and then (after the Grand Prix), headed off into Dartmoor -
Dartmoor #1
...which is a serious climb uphill from Totnes, right the way to Becky Falls (which was closed thanks to an "accident")...
Dartmoor #2
...so we reversed course past Hay Tor...
Dartmoor #4
- climbing all the way until the 20 degree plunge to Widecombe-in-the-moor-
Dartmoor #5
- where we stopped for traditional Devonshire Clotted Cream Tea (followed by ice cream with more clotted cream) -
Dartmoor #6 - Devonshire Cream Tea
- then, with the skies starting to threaten we took the tiny roads over to Princetown, the home of HM Prison Dartmoor -
Dartmoor Prison #2
- there were big signs saying "NO STOPPING - BY ORDER" and double yellow lines everywhere, so Al pulled up in the prison museum car park and we trotted down the road to get some shots of the imposing entrance...
Dartmoor Prison #4
- and I shot this one holding the camera over the wall -
Dartmoor Prison #3
- it was only when we got back that the owners of the campsite informed us that normally, if they see anyone taking a snap burley prison guards and police appear from nowhere and confiscate the camera equipment! Meep! Anyway, looks like we got away with it! Next stop was Dartmeet -
Dartmeet #1
- which, because the weather wasn't great actually wasn't full of tourists for a change -
Dartmeet #3
- so I hopped pretty much on my own over the rocks (carefully guarding my camera) which are normally heaving with screaming children -
Dartmeet #6
- for supper we went to the pub just down from the campsite (but I'll talk about that in another post)...the evening was drinks in the awning as usual, punctuated only by another toilet trip, this time inturrupted by the (loud) shrieking of young girls from the shower block next door "'ere 'shell where are ya?", (mouth full of toothpaste) "mmm 'ooing my 'eeef", "Wot?", (louder) "mmm 'ooing my 'eeef!!!", "Why? You got crabs or summink?" (slight pause then sound of thrown object striking shower door) (crashing noise) (fading screams)...*fink raises his eyebrows and glances to heaven*...


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