24 August, 2006

Arrived and set up

Arrived and set up...

Been a bit of a nightmare thus far, air turned distinctly blue when my finger got knocked earlier and had to wait HOURS for the caravan to materialise...none the less, we are set up and the caravan is ready for habitation... ;)

Looking forward to pre-chopped steak for tea... ;)

update - remote blog posting not working, updates will be sparce..


Tom Hopwood said...

Hah, you think you've got problems, try being offline for 5 weeks, I just had to buy a 56k modem with a bag over my head to spare my feelings. Back on a week Monday with some luck. Have a good hols and hope your wing gets better soon mate

Mum said...

Ouch!!Hope there's room for your legs in bed in the caravan, You should talk to James on the joys of sleeping in a car overnight.XX