07 January, 2014

Evidence of improvement at London Bridge!

New Follow the lines at London Bridge!
Well, there we go, the trains haven't managed to run on time (those happy few that managed to start running at all without being cancelled), but at least at London Bridge there are some tiny signs of improvement (at least for those who have no idea where they are going - which may speed things up for the rest of us during rush hour - once we are *off* the delayed trains and back onto foot power) - here you can see the nice, new colour coded "Follow me" lines (like out of Ender's Game) to hand-hold folk to where they need to be without raising their eyes from the pavement (in order to notice all the existing signs on the walls)...

I can just feel the rail network coming together...with this and the confusing footprints they spray painted onto the escalators, things are sure to improve!

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