16 January, 2014

Another little baby...!

Thomas on the fleece
First of all there was handsome baby Thomas (pictured here back when he arrived in the beautiful - if a little warm -  summer of '09) -
- then there was *gorgeous* baby Poppy when she arrived at the (very, very snowy) start of 2012 (giving us the boy+girl set)...and now...with a little bit of luck, tiny baby number 3 (no idea what gender it will be, looking forward to the surprise) will be turning up to join the party very, very soon!  I certainly can't wait - one thing is for sure though - it's likely to get a *little*bit* overcrowded in our bed if all three of them jump in at once when the house wakes up (a bit too early) in the morning - we will have to get a big fluffy extension (or maybe a barrier or some sort?) to accommodate all the extra family members! ;)

Looking forward to adding to these pictures soon!


Tom Hopwood said...

Huge congratulations you guys,you give new meaning to fecund. So pleased for you. When baby arrives we must get together so we can make
gurgling noises at him/her.

Fink Angel said...

She has actually just started to make the odd noise that isn't related to wind! Let's do it...! ;)