17 January, 2014

Surrey Floods!

Oh my goodness, what a morning...I actually heard the rain through the double glazing...I mean, for a start, that doesn't happen very often...!  It's got to be pretty bad....

Decided to brave it, headed out suited as best I could for the conditions, got as far as the first field (before the hill), stepped to the side to dodge (what I thought was) a big puddle (in the dark), and my feet completely vanished under about 6 inches of water into the *proper* puddle lurking right next to it (hidden in some deceptive grassy material)...the rest of the walk was dodging (making sloshing sounds with my trainers) floods and rivers or various sizes and trying to pull the soaked flapping jeans away from my freezing legs...
By the time I got to Earlswood (bear in mind this was just about 25 minutes after checking everything was okay (from the warmth of the sofa) and leaving the house just expecting (just a bit of) a drenching) - my telephone was steamed up (as you can tell from the picture), the station was flooded and pretty much every train (that has been showing "On Time" was now delayed or cancelled (by up to 120 minutes and there was talk of bus replacements)!

Honestly, if I hadn't set off precisely when I did I don't think I would have made it at all!  Still, second day in a row that I get free rail travel thanks to "Delay Repay"... ;)

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