30 July, 2012

Charing Cross Queues

Charing Cross Queue
Well, the journey in this morning was *okay*, the train was about 5 minutes late into Earlswood, it was full and standing by Redhill (just lots of commuters deciding to get the earlier train, I guess)...London Bridge was absolute *chaos*, hundreds of tourists wearing sports clothes, but amazingly they all seemed to know where they were going...Had to wait for the second train to Charing Cross before I could get on and find a seat and Charing Cross itself was pretty empty... The really, really worrying bit? Getting outside and discovering the *huge* queueing system set up outside ready for all the crowds tonight...honestly, it's about twice the size of the Easyjet check-in queue at Gatwick airport...the other really, really worrying bit? Hearing *three* times that absolutely no trains are going to be leaving from London Bridge *at all* after 6pm... What to do tonight? :(


Anonymous said...

Noone can decide! All the peopels I have spoken to are different

Fink Angel said...

Well, I checked at lunchtime when I was topping up my Oyster card...the official at the entrance told me one thing and the information desk quite another...!