03 August, 2012

Happy 6 month birthday Poppy!

Really, where has the time gone? I want to hit 'pause' and enjoy every moment as my little girl is growing up far too quickly and we are desperately trying to record to memory all of her milestones, whilst still running around after her whirlwind of a brother! :O) ... She is such a ray of sunshine, so happy, content, curious, has crazy hair, a beautiful snorty little giggle, 2 teeth already and is really scrummy!  She is following in her brothers footsteps and loves food... after our initial blip with the tongue tie she has successfully breastfed for 6 months now (well done to me!) and now loves  nothing more than to tuck into Shepherds pie,  roast chicken and squeal in delight when given a nectarine (then cry when the stone is taken away!)  If you put her down in one place, you'll often find her across the other side of the room as she rolls across and she's trying to master the art of sitting up, currently at that really cute stage sitting up for a while then suddenly taking a tumble or a 'Poppy head dive'! She sleeps well, down at 6.45 every night and up at 5.30 for a feed, then back down till 7... She's a big healthy girl and sitting on the 91st centile for weight and height and has incredible chubby cheeks!  She also loves to babble away, especially to her big brother or frog on the jumperoo!

We all love her to bits, she is so incredibly beautiful and we are simply blessed to have our perfect little Princess, Poppy.

Below a few pictures taken at Caravan Bella last weekend...

Her model pose!

Toothy grin..

Happy in Caravan Bella after lunch

Loving her roll around ball

Sucking her thumb..

and playing Peep boo with Big Brother..

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