19 July, 2012

Changing your journey during the Olympics

Olympic Mascot sculpture Olympic Mascot sculpture
So some nice new sculptures have appeared on my brief walk to work (complete with shouty signs warning against clambering onto them)...crikey, is it really only 8 days until everything kicks off?
Changes to your journey - Olympics

At Charing Cross they were handing out more leaflets...this time the useful advice is as follows -

  • Don't go to London Bridge (go to Victoria or Blackfriars instead)
  • If you must go to London Bridge don't use the Tube (either walk the full way to your office or use Borough Tube - a ten minute walk)
  • Avoid getting your train home from London Bridge
  • Don't even think about trying to get a train home from London Bridge at certain times and from certain platforms as they will be 'exit only'
  • Expect to queue every day (allowing extra time) at London Bridge, Charing Cross, Cannon Street, Waterloo East, Victoria and St Pancras International
Okay...so I *could* go to Victoria (even though it's going to be busy too) and I *could* walk all the way to the office (I did it the other day for an off site meeting) but it took about 45 minutes.  Not *ideal*...and really scraping around to try and follow these suggestions, yes, apparently I *can* avoid London Bridge completely - I can get a train to Charing Cross (and home again), but it involves going via *Tonbridge* - and the trains at that time of night/morning Tonbridge-Redhill are *hourly*, so if I miss my connection (or it's cancelled) that is one hell of a long commute...

So I think what I am going to do is just try doing exactly the same commute as normal (at least on the first couple of days) and see what happens, because frankly my two other *possible* options are fraught with probably *more* risk of being significantly late than standing in a queue of confused tourists at London Bridge...*he bravely speculates*...

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