03 July, 2012

Olympic Practice at Charing Cross

Charing Cross Olympic practice
So, hang on, as well as having to deal with the (inevitable) disruption during the *actual* Olympic Games at Charing Cross (big screens in Trafalgar Square, beach volleyball, general tourism to the area, etc.) we also have to have a rehearsal?

...and where are the details?  I see that it's on the 10th of July, but as far as I can see there is nothing about it on getaheadofthegames.com (I did look), flipped the leaflet over, and - it's blank!  What are they going to do?  Hire 2000 people to clog the trains between London Bridge and Charing Cross all day?  Close all the barriers except one?  Deliberately cause the trains to arrive at the same time to increase foot traffic?

So I am to be prepared to allow additional time to complete my journey...wouldn't it be nice to know just a little bit more information about precisely what they are planning to do to deliberately spoil my commute...and couldn't they just let the commute happen and then practice during the middle of the day?


Anonymous said...

Oh yrs, lets practice being delayed into work

Anonymous said...

Found your post while looking for more info on this myself. Slightly more here and on the London Bridge page of the same: http://www.networkrail.co.uk/aspx/795.aspx
Still doesn't tell us if it's all day or going to involve them bringing in more people to flood the system.