20 April, 2012

Yay! Holiday!

Holiday! Someone is just a *little* bit excited... ;) We're off on holiday to Spain on SUNDAY (by way of celebration thanks to impending new employment)! Don't think any of us can quite believe it... :) Thomas has been absolutely bouncing off the walls since we booked it, hurriedly explaining (to anyone that will listen) at 400 words-per-minute all about how we are all going to be flying-and-he-will-get-a-sweet-and-his-ears-will-pop-and-then-he-will-get-ice-cream-and-go-swimming (etc. etc. etc.)...it's all very sweet, just getting a little bit exhausting now! Can't wait to actually get there and unleash him on the holiday village (it won't know what hit it)... ;)

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