13 April, 2012

Netflix 4OD No Sound Xbox 360 LG TV - Fix

So, ever since Netflix and 4OD came out I've been having this odd problem whereby the minute you launch any video - ALL - the sound on the Xbox stops working completely (until a re-boot).  Before these apps I'd never had a problem at all, all games and apps have worked flawlessly and Netflix was something I'd been really looking forward to trying out.  I'd tried various things to remedy the situation - fiddling with the audio and display settings on the Dashboard and playing with TV settings, even trying different resolutions and TV settings, turning the TV off and on after playing the video (that just made matters worse - causing a fatal playback error on the app when the TV came back to life).  Thankfully, yesterday I found a solution, on my LG TV at least - so, to fix the issue -

  1. Go into the Netflix or 4OD app and launch the video you want to watch as normal (starting off silently as usual)
  2. On the TV remote control hit the "Menu" button
  3. Use the arrow keys and the "OK" button to choose the "Picture" option from the list
  4. Do the same to choose the "XD Demo" option
  5. Hit the right arrow or "OK" to launch the XD Demo
  6. Hit "Menu" to close the XD Demo and enjoy the video with the sound working  (if you don't have XD Mode on your TV try changing the picture mode to "Standard" and then back to "Dynamic" - should do the same thing)!  Note - When you want to watch another movie/TV show you'll have to repeat the process, but at least the apps are now usable!


Anonymous said...

This has been driving me insane! Tried the fix last night and it worked perfectly :o) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this not tried it as of yet, but its a solution all the same to try as Netflix, 4Od and LG all seem to be turning a blind eye

So Thank you for this

Anonymous said...

glad somebody has finally found a fix for this issue. had me pulling my hair thinking i needed to buy a new tele

Sandra Lock said...

Not tried this yet...but THANK YOU for posting this :)
Netflix on iPad = 5 mins
Netflix on Xbox 3hrs+ and still not working. Ah, Microsoft if only you would pay me for all the hours I've wasted over the years...

Anonymous said...

Ahh you legend! Worked perfectly :)

Jay Rowe said...

Awesome.. Fucking awesome infact!! Driving me mad!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice I can finally stop hooking my laptop up to the tv