02 April, 2012

Poppy is 8 weeks old

Our beautiful little girl is already 8 weeks old..! Wow...! Where did that go? She has changed so much already and is gaining weight at an incredible rate...Last week, she weighed in at 13lb and has grown so much that I've had to pack away the 0-3 month clothes and move onto the 3-6 month outfits that don't look too big either!

It's hard to remember a time when Poppy wasn't in our life and she is such a good little girl slotting straight into family life. We are so lucky that she has been sleeping well, down at 8/9 - up again at 4 for a quick 5 minute feed then down till 6.30/7 so I feel fairly 'normal' ... Thomas has grown to love her and accepted that she is here to stay... OK, she gets cuddled a bit too tightly sometimes, but his heart is in the right place. I simply melted after a "nearly new" sale where he was bought a new toy, when asked what he chose for Poppy, his reply (after an awkward moment's thought) was 'Oh dear - nothing - can she share my new toy mummy?'

It's absolutely wonderful to watch Poppy grow and start to communicate with us...I had a 5 minute conversation with her earlier, just cooing/smiling and watching the birds in the garden...

I'm so happy and proud to be a mummy to my perfect, beautiful children, Thomas and Poppy :o)

Baby Poppy

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Tom Hopwood said...

They are gorgeous, you have every reason to be proud. Perfection.