08 April, 2012

Happy Easter!

So after a lovely day on the farm yesterday (more on that later if I find the time) meeting the Easter Bunnies - Godstone Farm 2012

- excitement was great when Thomas awoke on Easter Sunday for the pre-prepared Easter Egg hunt (scattered around the living room in not-too-hard-to-spot locations)- Easter Morning 2012 Easter Morning 2012 Easter Morning 2012

- he scuttled around excitedly until he had found the required amount, then Mummy rang up the Easter Bunny to find out where the presents had been hidden (which turned out to be under the dining table) -

Easter Morning 2012

- which Thomas quickly tore open, and then...(yes)... Easter Morning 2012

...tried his first bit of chocolate(!)-

Easter Morning 2012

It's all downhill from here! ;)

1 comment:

Mum said...

Lucky boy,sounds great fun!