21 September, 2011


Two year olds are great fun, they have you in stitches and make you laugh most of the time, but also push the boundaries whenever possible testing your patience to see what they can get away with... Yesterday Thomas threw a metal car at the glass window... Yes, I was impressed it was a decent overarm throw.. however inside the house? me thinks not! So, he sits in the corner for 2 mins as punishment (we had given lots of warnings). After the 2 mins is up, I ask him 'What do you say to mummy?' his reply 'Doh!' hmm.. how I managed to remain composed and didn't laugh in his face I don't know... I just wonder what he was thinking in his little head 'doh, I got caught?' ... after a little thought, he went on to say 'Sorry Mummy, love you good boy!' and gave me a cuddle and thankfully peace is restored again!

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Anonymous said...

kids are great.
it's when he picks up his first swear word and says it in public, that you have to worry about.
you won't know where to put yourself.