29 September, 2011

What's the word of the day Thomas?

"Condensation Mummy!"... yes, that's right - My clever 2 year old likes to say condensation! It all started when Daddy was drinking some cold sparkling water in a tall glass, Thomas started drawing with his fingers on the side of the glass and was told what it was and then the following morning, he just pointed and said 'Draw condensation Daddy'!

Yesterday's favourite word was (amazingly) - Nocturnal - "Mummy bats nocturnal" he continued to chatter as I put him to bed!

Also, apparently he pointed to "The Stig" in my mums bathroom and was insistent he was peering at an "Oh look - astronaut" and since getting a Buzz Lightyear toy (from a second hand sale), he keeps on saying 'Infinity and beyond"!!!

I really am very proud, I think he likes the sound of long words as they trip off his tongue and the ultimate smile he gets from a very impressed Mummy!

Now, where did my little baby go that could only say 'agoo' and 'dad dad dad' all the time?!?


Louiseee x said...

Ohh may, Thomas is such a clever boy!

Tom Hopwood said...

He really is Supercalafragalistic.