25 May, 2011

A trip into Benalmadina town...

So on to the third day of the holiday, and we woke up to a bit of an overcast day, it was still definitely shorts and T-shirt temperature, just not very much blue in the sky, so we decided to take the bus into the center of town and have a poke around the shops (in the hope the weather would improve enough for a nice afternoon pool session)...the bus stops were conveniently located right outside the resort so we traipsed down to one of them, trying in vain to conjour enough Spanish to ask the kindly elderly people waiting there if this was the *right* bus stop...Well, I managed to *ask* the question (I think) we just didn't understand very much of the rapidly delivered 300 word reply (which was coming from 4 directions at once), so I thanked them kindly (anyway) and we crossed the road to the other side in the hope of finding some people that spoke English (or slower Spanish)...when we got there (and discovered that we were now at the correct bus stop - which the old people were probably frantically trying to explain to us)...we waved them thanks, at which moment their bus zoomed up, prompting them to fly into the road desperately trying to signal to the driver (apparently in vain) as he just completely ignored them and drove straight past...just as well we didn't want that direction then! :o

Anyway, our bus finally arrived (already almost full) after about a thirty minute wait, we managed to (just) secure the last two fold-down seats as all the other people waiting crammed on (it was bedlam) and then it lurched off on it's twenty minute roller coaster ride into town, literally slamming on the breaks every 40 feet to let people off and cram more on (there seemed to be a bus stop literally outside every single hotel the entire way along)...so, slightly green and rather ruffled, we arrived in town where 90% of the passengers disembarked, struggled to get the push-chair to go back up (where it had been so squashed underneath us) and finally headed off, consulting our little map to see where the best shops were likely to be)...
Turned out the best shopping looked like it was at the "Puerto", so we followed the signs, coming at last to a very large marina, you get a good idea what the area was like from the overhead view...Thomas was *very* excited to see all the boats, and Flyingpops was pleased to see all the shops, so we pottered around-
- noticing the Segway Rides (ten euros was a bit expensive for a guided tour of the car park though)-
- and all the expensive yachts, moored right next to their owners apartment blocks like cars parked in the drive (wow)...
...found the "Fish!" Thomas had been confidently predicting...walked past the Sea Life Center (having just visited one a few weeks ago we saved it just in case of a rainy day later in the break) and then strolled down to-
-and along the beach-
- eventually finding a (very steep) way up the cliffs back to the main road...we found a little supermarket to stock up on some water and crisps etc. (the supermarket on the resort was roughly double the price!) and then found a bus stop where we waited for about half an hour for another extremely busy bus to turn up, Flyingpops only got a seat when she almost fell over holding Thomas and someone gave their seat up, and I struggled up the aisle trying desperately to hold onto multiple shopping bags, the push chair and the rucksack holding all the changing things, bashing people unavoidably until they couldn't stand it any more and allowed me to drop everything in a little bit of space they managed to find near the exit (and then held on for dear life as we lurched all the way back)...it seemed to take forever, and when we *finally* pulled up outside our resort I practically fell off the bus and then felt sick and had to lay in the dark (for about an hour) until everything stopped spinning...No more buses for us... >;P

Oh, the weather did cheer up in the afternoon though... ;)

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