31 May, 2011

Kids Entertainment at Holiday World Benalmedina

Had we wanted to, not that I would wish it on anyone unrelated (as we toddle into the terrible twos), we *could* have unleashed Thomas on an unsuspecting entertainment team (and retreated to a safe distance) for pretty much all of the break...
When we first arrived at the resort I was astonished to find that (in almost) whichever direction I pointed my head (down by the pools) I could pick out at least *six* members of First Choice staff engaging kids in various activities - zorbing across the pool, egg and spoon races, dancing lessons, raft building, canoeing...
...even as I gawped at the hive of activity taking place around me, a Harry Potter party traipsed past me all dressed in robes (just caught the tail end of it there with the camera) yelling out "Expelliarmus!!" and waving their glittering-kids-club-constructed wands (held together with copydex)...Admittedly, all this was aimed at little-ones a little bit bigger than Thomas, but for him was the soft play room, equipped with one member of staff between every three kids-
- and was filled with all manner of toddler-goodies -
- including dressing up costumes and books -
- *endless* playmats and toys -
- and drawing facilities...
Outside there was a selection of climbing/sliding facilities-
- which Thomas called his "Swings" (even though there wasn't one)... ;)
In the evening the stage came alive in the ballroom-
Evening entertainment
- for a series of energetic shows (featuring the same, now presumably exhausted staff members who had been running around after the kids all day long)-
- to which Thomas danced and yelled until he collapsed, equally exhausted, into his push chair... ;)
Holiday Village Water Park
...and this is, of course, not even to mention the swimming pools and the excellent food... ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

It looks fabulous, glad you had a great time. I hope it bolstered you both up.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

It was just perfect, the sort of place you almost might consider a return journey to, in fact!