18 May, 2011

Food at Holiday World, Benalmadina

Pool Bar
So just before we went to try out the restaurant, we popped quickly out to check out the pools and stumbled upon one of the pool bars, specifically the one with the "All-inclusive Buffet", Thomas and Flyingpops seated safely in the shade, I went to check it out, but was stopped in my tracks by an elderly gentleman who (seeming slightly agitated) was desperately trying to get my attention..."Yoose just arriived?" (he said in a thick Scottish accent), "Yes" I replied..."Ah, then a worrrd te the wise" he winked, "We been eatin tha' sh*te fa *faw* days noo" he said, pointing to the buffet "but ye can owda fresh cooked fer fereee from they lassies at the bar!", "Oh, thanks for the tip!" I replied, "Ay, just wish summon had clued us in, ken?" he remarked bitterly (and returned, wistfully, to his garish cocktail)...

So, forewarned, I perused the buffet, noting 4-hour-old (now slightly crunchy) pasta, steamed burgers and floppy chips (oh and a 'fridge absolutely full of fresh, crispy watermelon which I gathered up and delivered to a delighted Thomas and Flyingpops on a little paper plate) and then returned to the bar to check out the menu, and yes, next to about 40% of the items was a small picture of a drowning man indicating that these items were (indeed) free to wrist-band holders! I ordered Texan chicken wings, which arrived sizzling from the kitchen about 10 minutes later (requiring that I steal the bottle of Tabasco from the bar) and were delicious...so thank you elderly Scottish gentleman for the heads up...! ;)
After this we (slightly greedily) headed to La Perla (the main restaurant), handing over our room key at the entrance-
-passing the chocolate Taj Mahal and being directed to a distant gentleman waving a blue drinks menu guiding us to our seats, we collected a high chair (there are many) and parked Thomas and then checked out the offerings...and it was very impressive -
- absolutely heaps of fresh fruit (it varied day-by-day) -
- piles of sliced cheese, cold cuts, olives, pickles (etc.) -
- a griddle where meat or fish is freshly cooked for you on demand (bacon/omlettes at breakfast time, misc meats and fish for lunch/supper)-
- and a huge selection (10-15 dishes, different every service) of other foods, ranging from kiddie friendly chicken nuggets, 4-5 vegetarian choices and usually some sort of roast dinner (with all the trimmings, yorkshires, gravy, mint sauce etc.)...
...and drinks of all sorts, soft drinks were self service (some people managing coke for breakfast - yuk), alcoholic drinks were served by the (ever-bustling) waiting staff...
Desert was equally lavish, supplimented by infinite ice cream (with sprinkles), a selection of yoghurts and even, on two occasions, a biggest chocolate fountain I have ever seen...
...all in all, the food was pretty much faultless... ;)
Om nom nom... ;)

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Tom Hopwood said...

If food be the music of love, play it again. All that AND the sea, looks like you had a great time.