17 May, 2011

Arriving in Holiday World, Benalmadina!

So we swung (after a very short transfer), in air conditioned (although admittedly slightly cramped) comfort around the many elephant-themed roundabouts surrounding the resort up to reception where we made priority one the grabbing of the push chair, into which Thomas was restrained while I battled to get our suitcases out from under the coach-
- admiring the amazing scenery and wondering what the view was going to be like from our room (suffice it to say we were in for a pleasant surprise)...
Anyway, we were greeted by a nice lady who gave us a number of chilled, red-coloured fruit drinks (Thomas' one went in his little cup) and joined the back of the queue for check-in-
We were given our "all-inclusive" red wrist bands and told our room number (which was 536) and headed off to discover what that actually meant, popping into one of the (many) little lifts by reception, noting (with a smile) that floor 5 was the top one-
-unfortunately though, the lift was so full (with push-chair, suitcases, Thomas and Flyingpops) that I had to get back out and wait for a second one as the door wouldn't close with me in there, finally ascending and gazing (with raised eyebrows) at the yacht(!) in the building-
- and then walked along to find our room (which turned out to be practically the furthest possible distance from the entrance that it could have been - right at the top and right at the end (bar about 2 other apartments) and the view when we got out on to the balcony made all the effort of getting there worth it-
I don't exaggerate when I say it literally took Thomas three full days running around -constantly yelling with excitement- before he calmed down enough to *touch* any of the toys we had brought along with us...He was just *so* thrilled (as to be almost irrepressible)... ;)

Anyway, we got a bit of unpacking done (well, Flyingpops did, while I stopped Thomas turning on the bidet, opening the 'fridge, turning on the TV, trying to thrust himself under the glass on the balcony to fall to his doom, opening the front door and running off down the hall and calling the lift, pulling the drapes open and closed, yelling, climbing into the bath, dismantling the drain cover in the shower, pulling the chairs over, pulling the drawers out, pushing daddies socks through the gap at the bottom of the balcony, jumping on the bed, turning all the lights on and off, exploring the bin, screwing up carefully unpacked clothes and putting them back into the suitcases and poking his fingers in the electrical outlets)...and so, organised, refreshed and calm giving up the game as lost, we headed down to the main restaurant for a welcome bite to eat... :)


Anonymous said...

oh the joys of having young children and taking them some where new. can't wait to hear about the rest of your break as that is where we plan to go next year. samxxxx

Mum said...

Well you didn't want a dull, placid child did you? Well, maybe on this occasion

Anonymous said...

Sam - we would definitely recommend it. There is so much to do and there are Kids clubs for the older ones, so you would get a bit of peace! (be warned though they may volunteer you onto the stage!) Go all inclusive though as there is a long walk to the nearest town and its really good food! And let us know when your going... we may even meet you there!