14 October, 2009

Rambo III - America and Afghanistan

Not sure why I picked this particular film, but (perhaps) in a fit of desperation (awaiting new season House/Lost/Dexter/South Park/Amazing Race/etc.) I decided a week or two ago to rewatch the 1998 movie "Rambo III"...yep, I already said I'm not sure why, I don't need any other opinions as to my dodgy decision-making process to join my pre-existing confusion (that could get messy)...But actually (I am pleased to report), it turned out to be a surprisingly good choice... ;)

The last time I saw this movie was on a rubbish pirate video sometime in the late eighties (yes, it's that old) at a friend of a friend's house party...there was a lot of "male" behaviour taking place at the same time (probably involving beer and fighting) and to be honest, as a result I really couldn't remember much about the film apart from a lot of helicopter gunships and Rambo managing to single-handedly drive and fire the big gun on a tank (meaning that on top of all his other powers, he must also be able to stretch out his arms like Mr Tickle)...

Anyway, it just so turns out (I'm still tittering to myself about it), the story revolves around Troutman storming into Afghanistan to punish the *eviiiil* Russians for their dreadful treatment of the poor Afghan freedom fighters (awww)...and it lays it on *extremely* thick - how *dare* the Russians invade this country - the tense, steel jawed exchange between Troutman (when he is inevitably captured, prompting Rambo to take up arms and come to rescue him) and the Russian commander are an ironic cinematic treasure..."We've already had our Vietnam"...and the simply brilliant exchange when Rambo rides out with his adopted Taliban brave local freedom fighters -
Mousa: This is Afghanistan...Alexander the Great try to conquer this country...then Genghis Khan, then the British. Now Russia. But Afghan people fight hard, they never be defeated. Ancient enemy make prayer about these people... you wish to hear?
Rambo: Um-hum.
Mousa: Very good. It says, 'May God deliver us from the venom of the Cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan.' Understand what this means?
Rambo: That you guys don't take any shit?
Mousa: Yes...something like this.

Oh dear...*sigh*...I'm wiping the tears from my eyes even as I type these words...I won't ruin any more of it, just in case you need a good laugh yourself... ;)

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