26 October, 2009

Smiling Baby Thomas

Thomas Smiling!
Well, we've had a few "wind-based" false positives (those smiles that quickly turn into squirming and crying), but now we *really* are getting proper happy smiles...It's just every now and again (at this stage) but incredibly rewarding when it does happen, he's also started (just in the last couple of days) to get very, very interested in what is being said to him, and chipping back in with his own gurgled comments and enthusiastic arm and leg gestures when he can get a word in edge-ways...Last night I read him the first chapter of "The Hobbit" laying together on the big bed (and while not understanding a word I said, obviously) we had a lovely time - Thomas responding to my dramatic pauses with widening eyes and gaping mouth, and joining in with an excited babble as I made up tunes for the Dwarven songs - finally - a little payback for Mummy (especially) and Daddy for all those mucky nappy changes...it seems like the tiniest of things - a little smile - but it feels like a million pounds... ;)


Mum and Dad said...

We're so proud of you both,what a lucky little chap!

Flyingpops said...

he is simply the most adorable baby in the world... we are blessed to have such a good boy. Off to get him weighed in a minute.. I wonder what he is now?