28 October, 2009

Baby Gap Socks

Baby Gap Socks
Flipping £6! That's a pound a sock!
But then you couldn't exactly deny him, could you... ;)

Very, very important update - these are the only socks we have owned which managed to stay firmly attached to Thomas' feet (rather than get lost half way round Tesco) - definitely worth every penny...!


Flyingpops said...

yes - but these socks don't get eaten by the washing machine like the other ones did!

Anonymous said...

ah bless, worth every penny, when Thomas has out grown them you can put them on teddy to keep HIS feet warm, great value for money and timeless, haha, A&R xx

Ys said...

awwww he is just too cute! What a little dude ;)

I adore the socks. Baby clothes are just too cute to resist cos they're so damn tiny ;)

Mum said...

So your socks get eaten too,where DO they go?